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How to care for your contact lens

  • Clean and store your contact lenses as prescribed (in a clean case in fresh solution). 
  • Always use the eye care products recommended by your optometrist. Some eye products or eye drops are not safe for contact lens wearers. The Optical Studio carries a wide range of eye care products in store.
  • Clean your contact lenses by placing the lens and a few drops of contact lens solution in the palm of your hand and rub it gently with your index finger.
  • Don’t let the tip of the solution bottle touch other surfaces, including your fingers, eyes or contact lenses. The solution can become contaminated.
  • Never use water to clean your contact lenses as it will cause infections in your eyes and can damage your lenses.
  • Never put your contact lenses in your mouth or use saliva to “rinse” them. In emergency cases where you don’t have solution available, place contact lenses in your container without any liquid. The lens will dry out but will rehydrate when you add solution to it again later. Visit our store to purchase your solution.
  • Always discard expired solution.
  • Replace your contact lenses frequently to prevent the build-up of lens deposits and contamination that increase the risk of eye infections.
  • If you are an infrequent contact lens wearer, ensure that your contact lenses are kept in a sealed contact lens case and only open when needed to be used.
  • If you experience dry eyes use a plain saline solution or tear supplements to keep your eyes lubricated.
  • Insert the lenses before you apply make-up and remove the lenses after your make-up is removed.