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Contact lenses information

There are two types of contact lenses, classified by the materials they are made from:

  • Soft lenses – Made from a gel-like, water-containing plastic, these
    are the most common type of lenses and are slightly larger in size than your cornea.
  • GP lenses – These are oxygen permeable lenses, meaning they are made from rigid, waterless plastics and are especially good for presbyopia and high astigmatism. GP lenses are smaller in diameter and often provide sharper vision than soft lenses.

Contact lenses are at a very exciting stage. You can get contact lenses that last a day, 2 weeks even a month.

There are now advanced materials and designs which make the lenses more breathable and comfortable for longer periods.

The fitting process is easy and quick due to advanced lens designs which allows a wider range of available product. Lens wear is also very flexible. One could wear glasses during the week and lenses only weekends, one could also just  pop a pair of lenses in when going for a jog or popping out for dinner.