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Monitoring Your Child’s Eye sight development

The following simple age determined mile stones will help you assess if your child’s eye sight is developing normally.

Eye sight development at 3 months

  • Follow your face from side to side.
  • Smile or engage with an individual who gives it attention.
  • Show interest in faces and objects held close.

Eye sight development at 6 months

  • Reach out to be picked up by you.
  • Move both eyes together.
  • Reach out for objects.

Eye sight development at 9 months

  • Show interest in nearby activities of people or animals.
  • Recognise and engaged with a small toy.
  • Look to see where a fallen object has dropped.

Eye sight development at 12 months

  • Recognise familiar people from across a room.
  • Enjoy the interaction of peek-a-boo.
  • Recognise and pick up small objects using his/her thumb and first finger.