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How to help stimulate your child’s visual development

All children have an innate desire to fit in with everyone around them, whilst you may appreciate your child for their uniqueness and individualism, not all children will have a positive self-esteem if they look different from their peers due to wearing glasses.

You can prepare your child for the change of wearing glasses using the following techniques:

Make wearing kids glasses fun

  • Set aside a day where you and your child can go shopping for frames at the Optical Studio. Give your child freedom to choose ones that he/she likes and will feel good wearing.
  • You can also buy a fun, brightly coloured case, or a case with his or her favourite cartoon character, that he/she will enjoy carrying around. The Optical Studio stocks a wide range of glasses for kids.

Show Pictures

  • Look through magazines and books to show your child that he/she are not alone, use your child’s favourite cartoon character or movie actor as an example.
  • This can help your child to feel that wearing glasses can be cool.

Teach your kids how to care for their glasses

  • Teach your child how to properly care for his/her glasses. Show him/her what to do, then give him/her the materials and let him/her try it alone.
  • Your child will gain a sense of responsibility and pride, which will make him/her feel more like an adult.